LED lights

[INQ. NO. 1511M06] Established in 1991, BackSan L&T is now one of the leading companies in Korea manufacturing LED lighting. After it changed into a corporation in the year of 2005, BackSan L&T has spurred its efforts for expanding its market dominance in the domestic market with steadily growing brand awareness.https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry BackSan early established its own R&D center in an energetic move to proactively release highly competitive products meeting swiftly changing demands of its customers, even targeting potential overseas users in areas of design, delicate specification. Based on such efforts carried out so far, it is confident its products are superior to those of global competitors in terms of quality, design, and price.

There are now several kinds of attractive LED products with features to fully offer various benefits for customers.LED factory lights are designed with an aim to reduce up to 80% power consumption compared to the existing incandescent lamp, securing capabilities of the same level of brightness, high efficiency, and long life.


Its LED down light consuming low power is highly recommendable for an area that requires 24 hours of full lighting. In the case of the LED living light, recently improved to emit light not only from the bottom but also from its sides. High illumination efficiency, simple design, and long life are just some of its merits. The LED stand light, by using the diffuser PC, ensures stable quality of light while giving anti-glare effect. As it is very similar to natural light, it reduces the degree of eye fatigue significantly without light waves.

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