VOS open spring

[INQ. NO. 1511M10] Unovics ENC has been taking a leading position in the local market by releasing and supplying such high-quality engineered products as noise and vibration controllers for different areas of buildings, semiconductor plants, metro projects, various plants etc., despite its comparatively short business history over competitors in Korea.

Unovics ENC’s years of flagship solution VOS open spring is now widely recognized as a product equipped with competitive features including open-type, antivibration mount, improved high efficiency of antivibration, easy to adjust level by control bolt, optimized diameter and working height for stability of right and left, top and bottom, and visually easy checkable spring deflection.

VOS-open-springhttps://korean-machinery.com///inquiryConsists of a fixing bolt, height control bolt, top spring cap, coil spring and bottom spring cap, the spring is widely being applied in the area of pump (single stage volute, multi stage volute, double suction, and turbine) and in the operations of air blows and anti-vibration for any vibrator without horizontal force. Based on many years of accumulated confidence on technology and experience, Unovics ENC commands 30 percent of the market in Korea on a yearly average basis, for engineering, consulting and sales of noise and vibration control systems.

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