Gear hobs

[INQ. NO. 1512M03] Ever since its establishment in 1976, DTR has been a specialist in hobs and cutters. DTR puts it utmost efforts into continuously investing in research and development to meet the needs of its demanding customers. is a leading company that produces automobile transmission gear hobs and cutters that are needed to produce the gears for all kinds of industrial machines. DTR aims to be a global company in the global hob markets with constant R&D. DTR is exporting its superior products to the United States, Europe, Japan, China, and some East Asian countries. DTR’s export grows larger every year partly attributable to the vigorous participation in trade shows worldwide.

Gear-hobsIn 2006, DTR was appointed INNO BIZ while being officially recognized as a technology innovation company. As part of efforts to elevate its global presence, in 2008, DTR established a branch office in Chicago, United States, which meant it laid the framework for building an environment where it can more systematically increase the opportunities for business on the continent. And the year was also highly meaningful year in its history – it changed the company name from the existing Dragon Precision Tools Co., Ltd. into the current name. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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