Laser repair equipment

[INQ. NO. 1512M07] Since its founding in 1973, Charm Engineering has focused on flat-panel display manufacturing equipment. The company supplies products and services to a number of domestic companies including Samsung, LGD, and other global IT companies in China, Japan, etc. Engineering surpassed US$16 million in exports of its laser repair equipment for flat display panel that is based on laser application technology. With global and domestic market shares of 74% and 65%, respectively, Charm Engineering is the first company in the world to utilize new precise laser in AMOLED micro processing equipment in the flat display manufacturing equipment field.


Highly competitive with such many features as TFT LCE 5~8 generation application, high-accurate later cutting, high-speed and low noise & stability, highly accurate gantry stage movement, stage joystick function, proven reliability in advanced fab., Charm Engineering’s latest FPD array laser repair ensures highest throughput, excellent particle control, and VTM configuration (in case of cluster tool type). The goal of Charm Engineering is to become a leading company in the global equipment field with cutting-edge technology. Hence, the company is placing great efforts in developing innovative models such as Flexible with AMOLED, TSP, FPCB and electronic printing equipment. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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