Lightweight camp chair

[INQ. NO. 1512M28] Helinox by DAC is the acknowledged global leader in lightweight outdoor adventure equipment. DAC’s exclusive TH72M aluminum alloy produces the lightest equipment with superior strength and durability.
DAC’s manufacturing precision ensures reliable
performance in the most arduous conditions. Helinox equipment leads the trends-supported by a total commitment to innovation and the world’s best research facilities. Green anodizing of the TH72M alloy is unique to DAC. This acid free process substantially reduces the environmental
impact. Heading outdoors has limitations. You want to minimize the weight and bulk of the load. This has often meant going without the luxury of a comfortable chair. Not anymore! Helinox blends sophisticated design with advanced TH72M alloy, to achieve maximum strength with minimum weight in a new range of easy to use and super comfortable chairs to take wherever you go. Chair One is the original award-winning lightweight camp chair, weighing less than one kilo and yet holding 145 kilograms! Forget the camp stool, rock or damp log and rest your back in Chair One. Light enough and compact enough to take anywhere!

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