Standard AC motors

[INQ. NO. 1512M16] SPG, one of the most fast growing companies in Korea, is specialized company in the manufacturing of various kinds
of top-quality of geared motors. To keep pace with globalization and move closer with various customers, Sungshin has been renamed SPG.
SPG is trying continuous eff orts to improve cost competitiveness and quality competitiveness. With long experiences on gear motor production, SPG has substantial know-how on customer’s quality
value, motor high performance and effi ciency maximization, and wide scope of technical support.
Also, SPG is securing the best skilled manpower and the most advanced facilities and equipment. SPG is not only selling products in Korea but also exporting to various countries. SPG’s current fl agship items are standard AC motors that lead the moves of the company towards promising global markets. In 2011, SPG received USD 3,000 million export award from the Ministry of Knowledge Economy. In 2014, SPG is finally selected as one of World Class 300 Companies proving its competitiveness in exports.

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