Two-shot injection molds

[INQ. NO. 1512M24] Woosung Precision is Korea’s No. 1 manufacturer specializing in two-shot injection molds. It is the fi rst Korean company who invented the index-core two shot mold. Based on superior technologies and 11 patents related to mold technologies, Woosung Precision is exporting a variety of tools to many countries in the world.
Woosung created the world’s fi rst index-core two-shot mold in order to realize Samsung’s TOC LCD TV and monitor, which helped the company in becoming a global leader in the LCD TV & monitor market. As part of ways to meet growing demand from global markets, Woosung has spurred its massive eff orts on R&D, and thus contributing to the cost-saving and the productivity of its customers greatly. Woosung is operating the world’s level test-run facilities for two-shot mold manufacturing and maintaining very talented persons. Founded in 1993 as a plastic injection mold provider of Samsung Electronics, Woosung began exporting to Europe and Japan. And in 2006, it began providing its top-quality TOC two-shot mold for Samsung Video & Display Division, awarded The Best Innovative Mold Supplier of the Year from Samsung. In 2011, Woosung fi rst developed the TI-TC three shot mold in the world.

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