KINTEX: Asia’s No. 1 Exhibition & Convention Center

KINTEX (Korea International Exhibition Center) is Korea’s largest-scale exhibition center. It hosts global top-level events through aggressive marketing and develops and nurtures competitive exhibitions. In addition, KINTEX expands various facilities for customers’ convenience while focusing on developing additional profitable businesses. An ultimate goal of KINTEX is to become a venue of trade and marketing for global leading companies both domestically and overseas as Asia’s representative exhibition and convention center.

KINTEX has recorded a cumulative total of 3.5 million visitors by the year 2014 as Korea’s leading exhibition center since holding Seoul Motor Show as the opening exhibition in the 1st Exhibition Center in 2005. Starting with hosting 273 events in 2005, KINTEX has been growing into an exhibition center that held a total of 1,153 events in 2013, opening an era of 5.2 million visitors annually. Moreover, KINTEX has held the nation’s seven big exhibitions – Seoul Motor Show, KES, Korea Machinery Fair, SIMTOS, Seoul Food, g Star, KH Fair – in two years of its opening.


As a global top-level exhibition center, KINTEX drives Korea’s exhibition industry

2 The opening of KINTEX’s 2nd Exhibition Center in September 2011 was a prelude for a new paradigm transition
of the domestic exhibition industry. As the first domestic exhibition utilizing 100,000m2 of exhibition area, Korea Industry Fair, consisted of a total of six industry exhibitions, fired the first salvo as part of Korea’s big exhibitions’ rebirth into global top exhibitions.

SIMTOS has become the world’s fourth-largest production and manufacturing technology exhibition following exhibitions in Germany, China, and the United States by surpassing Japanese representative machine tool exhibition ‘JIMTOF’ on the occasion of its 2012 version by successfully being held in the 100,000m2 of exhibition area for the first time in Korea as a single exhibition. That means KINTEX is playing a pivotal role in laying a cornerstone for big domestic exhibitions representing the nation’s industry to grow into global top exhibitions.

KINTEX now competes against global top competitors

KINTEX successfully held GASTECH 2014, one of the world’s three largest gas exhibitions and conventions in April 2014. In November 2012, KINTEX succeeded in its bid to host the 2016 Rotary Seoul International Convention in which a total of 56,000 visitors (including 29,000 overseas visitors) are expected to participate. The increasing number of KINTEX’s attraction of international mega events means it is targeting rivals internationally, beyond the boundaries of Asia. Now, KINTEX competes with global top exhibition centers, not simply competing with ones in domestic and Asia.


KINTEX, the best venue for holding global top-level exhibitions

KINTEX is situated in an ideal location that can be reached within 30 minutes from Incheon International Airport, Gimpo Airport, and downtown Seoul. In particular, located in Goyang City, a mecca of the exhibition and convention industry in Korea, KINTEX provides various kinds of things to shop, buy, and enjoy, with commercial facilities including a department store and a shopping mall, accessory facilities, and a complex for Hallyu World, hotels. KINTEX in which global citizens can participate is now moving into the future with purpose and determination. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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