Premium fuel saving coolant additive

1[INQ. NO. 1512M35]Since its establishment in 1999, Actiontech has made continuous and dedicated efforts toward pioneering the future and contributing to the advancement of humankind by developing and providing RFID-related security solutions and systems under a business philosophy of elevating people’s quality of life.

Premium-fuel-saving-coolant-additive its novel ideas and unique solutions, the company takes pride in having contributed to the creation of a convenient and safe world. Recently, Actiontech is focusing on diversification, so the company has recently entered into the business of fuel-saving solutions, which will be the No. 1 premium fuel saving coolant additive in the world.

DM-100 is at the forefront of eco-friendly coolant additives based on the cutting-edge Nanotechnology that the germanium (Ge), a natural mineral series element, is fused at high temperature. DM-100 increases the fuel efficiency by atomizing fuel particles through the action on far infrared rays and the cooling efficiency by atomizing coolant cluster and finally reduces fuel consumption by controlling temperature in the engine.

Actiontech promises to be a global company that cultivates a better future and leads the ubiquitous world by making continuous efforts to contribute to the development of humankind. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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