Paper box manufacturing machine

[INQ. NO. 1603M01]  
ACE Machinery , more famous for the brand name of ‘Signature‘, is a specialized manufacturer of automatic folding carton gluing machines. Since its establishment in 1993, ACE Machinery has focused on investment in the R&D area, which has made it possible for ACE to gain more than 70% of market share, receiving recognition for its competitiveness in over 40 countries around the world including the United States and Europe.

ACE, which puts itself in the customer’s position and respects its customers, has production factories in Vietnam as well as in Korea, and gets endless praise from its customers who are producing various products by offering them high quality and price competitiveness.

Many patents and various certifications have been awarded thanks to the employees’ strong will and passion, showing the potential of ACE. Currently, various projects are ongoing with the government’s support in order to manufacture machines that can fully satisfy the customers’needs.

‘Elite’ is a 550mpm (option : 650 mpm) base high-speed bonding machine that can provide stable performance without vibration or noise even at high speed, and is suitable for complicated and difficult variant bonding processes.

Elite’ is equipped with an aligner section as standard and two pre-break sections, so that preliminary bonding is available for three sides. For six-side bonding, it can fold the product with the belt for high speed processing while preventing scratches.

Final folding that allows quick setting changes from big size to small size is equipped with MS carrier up-down as standard, and can adjust squeeze rollers individually to air pressure, so that height adjustment according to the thickness of products like variant boxes is possible.

Because an ejector can be mounted on the basic frame, high-speed processing can be done without worrying about any defects.

Given its productivity and quality, ‘Elite’ model is the best model that can realize the highest customer satisfaction with the best cost-effectiveness.

– For 550 mpm high speed processing (650 mpm option)

– MS carrier up/down device is equipped as standard for aligner and final foldingUntitled-1 | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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