Targeting Top Position in the Future Global PVC Windows Markets

[INQ. NO. 1603M42]  Please tell us about the driving force of growth along with introducing your company.

Untitled-79The Ace Window born under the motto of ‘Good Person, Fine Window,’ is installed in various buildings, such as apartment blocks, houses, schools, etc., based on many of our industrial property rights, and we are The ‘S’-themed logo of Sian expresses the values our company aims at, symbolizing the beautiful eye or beautiful window seeing the world. We will make greater efforts in order to produce the products offering quality that the customers require by fulfilling the interior element as well as just the weathertight function.

Please tell us more about the main products of your company (the specialty of each product, etc.)

Sian is a company producing sashes, such as single-striving for quality development for the future composed of windows having diverse functionalities.

We at Sian Co., Ltd. will be constantly by your side with our 15-year experience accumulated through windows as our specialty will strive to become the leader of the PVC window and door market in the future. We provide customers with the best satisfaction by researching and developing windows that fit into a more eco-friendly improved residential environment and providing new value after discovering the products and services required by the customers, one step ahead of our competitors.

window and double-window sashes used in apartment block villa pensions, etc. Recently we have been receiving favorable evaluations from customers by launching our contact-type sliding window which has enhanced energy-saving efficiency by blocking the inflow of air from the upper/lower and right/left parts of the rail after having gone through more than two years of development period.


We also have developed the façade-partition window having the property of replacing the outside handrail pole, which has secured the best view by designing the horizontal partition bar optimally. The favorable feedback from customers is the result of our endeavors for continuous technical development.

These days we are striving for securing technological prowess by contacting advanced overseas companies, and especially coordinating the final-stage negotiation with an Australian company for technology transfer.

Please describe your main export markets and some promising markets which have emerged recently.

At present, we have concluded overseas agency contracts with 10 countries, including the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, India, Thailand, Kenya, Uruguay, Nicaragua, and Guatemala.

As major cases of our overseas exports, we delivered our products to the New Town of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, in 2012, and we participated in the project of Camko City of Cambodia in 2015 and so forth.

We are focusing on exploring overseas markets, such as Central and South America, Southeast Asia, showing unlimited growth potential capturing about 20% of the housing supply ratio vis-à-vis the population.

Please let us know of your management philosophy as the CEO.

The current market situation is calling for adapting to new changes and challenges. All of our executives and staff members will treat such situations as opportunities for advancing another step forward, strengthen our competitiveness all the more with excellent quality and technical development, and also practice trusted management centered on the customers. The future is always for the people who get over a difficulty and mount a challenge.

I promise to continuously open the door of the world together with our customers, and will strive all the more for making Sian become a company which can provide you with hope and courage all the time.

 Please outline your vision and give some advice to overseas buyers and customers.

As the enterprises without adapting to change fall behind their competitors, I keep trying to diversify the business without remaining complacent. Sian will not settle for the status quo but grow through innovations, and will grow even further by changing into a general company producing PVC-compressed construction supplies from now on.

Furthermore, I will aim at trusted management centered on customers and share them by continuously challenging. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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