Development of sensor for sensing the brake lining

Technology overview: present, the Lining Wear Sensor (LWS), notifying the worn-out condition of the lining among the domestic automobile parts, is entirely occupied by the product of H Company, a European automotive electronic component company. However, following the requirement of the digitization and the communication mode, merits of the Inductive, an electronic sensor (non-contact type), have been magnified, thereby changing as a global trend.

H Co’s LWS judges the worn-out degree using plenty of Hall-ICs by the sensing method of Hall-IC type, and then informs the driver of the replacement time of the lining. On the other hand, the Inductive sensor technology of TRUWIN Co., Ltd. using the law of electromagnetic induction is the product which does not need the permanent magnet nor need to consider the characteristic of the magnetization curve of the magnet and the temperature, and it is composed of the sensor part coil sensing the movement of the pedal, the exclusive ASIC design for drive of the whole system, the FET drive circuit of the ECU transmission signal, etc. And we also have enhanced the reliability and the accuracy by grafting the microprocessor as well as upgraded the existing non-contact inductive method in order to be capable of sensing the wide angle . We plan to increase the technology share in the domestic automobile market through development of the sensor like this, and keep on securing price competitiveness in the global market through continuous technical development.

Industrialization: As the inductive sensor design for sensing the wide angle, requiring the program design for the development of the microprocessor and development of the optimal product for the automotive environment, has a considerable level of difficulty in verifying the reliability, it is the cutting edge technology to the extent that at present only three companies can develop the product in the world. TRUWIN has succeeded in localizing almost all of the parts and technologies of the inductive sensor. Having achieved recognition of such excellence, we passed the quality verification system of our customer companies in 2014, thereby applying our product to the domestic vehicles produced in large quantity, and we are mass-producing our product as it has been applied distendedly, step by step. In the overseas market, we are in consultation with M Company regarding various options for entering the Europe market, and we expect to control about 10% of market share in the global commercial vehicle market when we find our way in the world market.

Problem-solving in industrialization: At home and abroad, there is no company owning the technology of the product developed by TRUWIN Co., Ltd (the sensor for sensing the non-contact brake lining using the inductive sensor). The product of H Company has to inevitably use a permanent magnet as it has adopted the method using the Hall element, and thus has the problem of assuring the temperature characteristic of the permanent magnet and solving the weakness for the increase of the cost price. The product of ‘sensor development for sensing the brake lining’(LWS) using the Inductive sensor developed by TRUWIN Co., Ltd. through the ATC project can solve the above- mentioned problems, and it is outstanding and excellent in the aspect of insuring the quality stability and price competitiveness. In addition, we are striving for continuous research and development in order that the LWS developed by TRUWIN Co., Ltd. can be applied to the product specifications by model as the product for the commercialized vehicles. By possessing the fundamental technology in consequence of research and development over the past two years, we expect to secure market competitiveness and advance as a global enterprise and create added value.

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