Polymer new material stone unit panel system

Technology overview: Structures that are recently being constructed are often high-rise buildings of various forms, in particular reflecting the trend of luxurious image. According to this construction trend, the external walls of the structures are getting using stones, the representative high quality finishing materials showing outstanding endurance. When using stones as finishing materials for mid-to-high rise buildings, the wet construction https://korean-machinery.com///inquirymethod using mortar is often adopted, which requires longer construction period and has issues like whiteout. To deal with these issues and reduce the weight of stone finishing materials used in high rise buildings, dry construction method, including a setting method, is used, which uses adhesive and connecting hardware for weight lightening. However, stones are heavy objects and raise issues at the connecting part of the structure, and as time goes by, significant pollution tends to occur around masonry joint that connects stone plates, which is harmful to the aesthetics of a building. This technology uses polymer new material for an economic and efficient exterior finishing method for structures, capable of resolving issues of the dry construction method. This technology synthesize stone and steel frames using polymer new material, filling in and synthesizing the polymer new material based on the existing method that connects stones and steel frames with iron goods, resulting in preventing the masonry joint of an external wall from being polluted due to rainfall infiltration, and improving heat insulation property. As it is possible to do manufacture by a large panel system unit, this technology reveals structural stability and outstanding construct ability, above all, and even it is easy to do maintenance after construction.

Industrialization: This technology mainly applies to environment-friendly buildings and the external wall construction of buildings which require a high energy management class, and as it helps shrink the thickness more than the stones used in the existing buildings, it is an economic technology contributing to cutting down on construction cost. Further, we have recently developed and applied steel frames that are optimized enough to saving construction cost, and have introduced a system that helps shrink term of works by streamlining installation processes of the fields. Due to these, Samjistone Co. Ltd., which joined in the development of this technology has achieved field application results worth more than KRW 5 billion since the technology development, and it is expected that it will be able to reach more than KRW 10 billion by 2016. In addition, many overseas project sites other than the existing ones are vigorously applying this technology to their works.

Problem-solving in industrialization: For the existing exterior masonry stone works, similar to this technology, it is essential to do the works on a scaffold or a gondola, which is vulnerable to risks. However, this technology involves producing stones by panel unit and using cranes to install them so that we can do construction works safely than before. As most construction works use equipment, it is possible to do the works with one-third of the manpower used in the existing exterior stone works, which helps lower the rate of human life loss accidents. Moreover, as it does not produce dusts or wastes coming from stones cutting, scrap stones or the pallet of imported stones, we can minimize civil complaints raised around the field, and in particular, this technology is better suitable to a construction field that is located in downtown areas.

Technology developer:

Myongji University’s Industry and Academy Cooperation Agency / +82-31-324-1063 / www.mju.ac.kr

 Keimyung University’s industry and academy cooperation agency / +82-53-580-6708 / www.kmu.ac.kr

Samjistone Co., Ltd./ +82-2-981-0027 / www.samjistone.co.kr / Basf Korea / +82-2-3707-7529 / www.basf.co.kr

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