High frequency welding machine

[INQ. NO. 1605M12] Sewoo Electronic Mfg. is a company that specializes in the https://korean-machinery.com///inquirydevelopment and production of industrial high frequency machinery and automation machinery along with binding, heat treatment, and drying high frequency equipment. As an engineering company, Sewoo Electronic is currently focusing on machinery development that is connected with factory automation system and being certified with UL (USA), ISO 9001(2008).
Sewoo Electronic keeps No. 1 position in Korea domestic market with supply to global, conglomerates such as 3M, LG., basically meeting the demand of customized supply and service. The great advantage of HF (High Frequency) welding is the speed of welding. In comparison with high frequency, in all other kinds of welding methods (with filaments, hot air or infrared radiation) the heat has to be added from the outside. It means the heat must first penetrate the material in order to make it plastic enough to form a weld.
Untitled-19.jpgHigh frequency welding is useful for sealing and welding plastics such as Tarpaulins, PVC, thermoplastic polyurethanes, ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), nylons (polyamide PA), some ABS resins and special grades of PU, PET. HF welding machine applies to make tent, billboards (goods forming with connected PVC sheets), packing cases for small-sized electronics /smartphone, car seats, floor mats and PVC parts, medical devices and air goods.

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