Hyundai and Kia’s combined sales to hit 100 million unit milestone this month

Untitled-62.jpgCombined sales of Hyundai Motor Group including Hyundai Motor Co. and its sister company Kia Motors Corp. are expected to hit a milestone of 100 million units this month.
According to Hyundai Motor Group on Monday, Hyundai Motor has sold 64.02 million units as of the end of March while Kia Motors has sold 35.68 million units since launching their car sale. The country’s largest auto group expects the cumulative total sales of both automakers to reach the 100 million mark in 54 years since Kia Motors started selling cars in 1962, the fastest among global car makers. It took General Motors Co. 59 years to reach the same sales milestone in 1968 while 61 years for Toyota Motor Corp. 61 years in 1997.
According to the conglomerate, Hyundai Motor’s Avante sedan was the best-selling vehicle during the past 54 years with its sales volume reaching 11.19 million units, followed by the Accent with 8.24 million units and the Sonata with 7.83 million units. It also said that when 100 million units of the Avante are lined up, it would be 457,000 kilometers long, which is 11.4 times the circumference of the Earth.


< Source: KITA> | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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