Water-saving devices for toilets

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1605M18] Daekyung is experienced and familiar with eco-friendly toilet equipment and showers, and sink devices to enable water-saving innovatively. Using products from Daekyung means contributing not only to cost-saving, but also to the water-resources -saving movement around the world.
In particular, they introduced various types of shower and sink, prices of which are reduced by over 50% compared with existing products. What’s more, Daekyung recently developed a noise reducer for toilet flushing and storm draining.
The water-saving device for toilets distinguishes between urine and feces. When the button Untitled-32.jpgis pressed a moderate amount of water flushes down, so it reduces the water and sewage charge costs by 70%. It is an eco-friendly patented device as well as an antimicrobial product that kills viruses. Daekyung’s noise reducer is free from the time limit of using a toilet, shower, and washer during the period 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. in European countries. Daekyung achieved the Patent Certification, which is one of three patents existing in the world.

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