Combined vibration controlling mount industrializing technology overview: The goal is to develop a vibration controlling system essential to operate semiconductor and display manufacturing devices and other extremely sensitive manufacturing/ inspection devices. The combined controlling system has been developed, which operates vibration proof and controls transient vibration and micro-vibration at the same time. It has been industrialized by applying vibration criteria of a device considered structural dynamic characteristics and excitation force of superfine production line. It can survey and monitor the status of a PC interface device. It meets with the BBN Criteria Class D level. A combined mount combining a MR damper vibration controller and an electro-magnetic shaker with an air spring vibration proof device has been designed and manufactured.
Vibration controlling algorithm considering excitation force, dynamic characteristics of a building structure and vibration guides of a device has been developed. Controlling system technology has been developed. The combined vibration controlling system using a MR damper, electro-magnetic and intelligence control type module to synthetically control environmental vibration, transient response vibration, etc., occurring when operating an extremely sensitive device has been industrialized.

Product Outline                                                          Controller

It is the specialized diagnosis system including a control system of 4~24 controllable mounts and monitoring, as the six-degrees of freedom combined vibration proof system. It has input and output by vibration controlling algorithm, this algorithm-realized embedded controller and CAN communications. The combined mount is the active control system that combines a vibration proof device blocking excitation force, a semi-active vibration controller controlling power and an active type shaker. The controlling algorithm calculates the controlling power using a vibration status measured by a vibration sensor and vibration is removed by sending the calculated controlling power to an operator as a controlling order.

Industrialization: Sales of MRAM, a combined type of Air Spring and MR Damper, have risen upon completion of development, once commercialized while conducting a research and after its industrialization applied to the production lines of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, MEMC, LG Electronics, etc. Since domestic technology is applied, it can significantly lower time and engineering fees. After development, we received many inquiries from companies requiring precise vibration control such as semiconductor devices, coater devices, thickness gauges, nanoprocessing, high-sensitive devices, etc. and applied the combined vibration controlling mount system.
Personnel from SK Hynix participated in research so that it can be applied in the actual field. SK Hynix is actively involved in R&D and industrialization so that it can applied to a field right away. Despite high prices in Japan, the USA, etc., performance is dissatisfactory
and getting AS is difficult. However, there is no proper alternative.
It seems promising since development of the combined vibration controlling mount system has been accepted as a good alternative to consumers of domestic displays and precision devices.

Problem-solving in industrialization: The key of the device is credibility of performance. When carrying out a task, a leveling location, controlled frequency area, noise level, control freedom, etc., are evaluated using various measurement evaluation methods by stating controlling performance in the quantitative performance evaluation item and the product credibility is evaluated by KTL. Vibration environment and characteristics of an applied field are analyzed, an installation planned superfine device is produced and dynamic characteristics of a testing device are analyzed and evaluated. The optimal smart-VS considering vibration tolerance criteria and dynamic characteristics of a device is selected. A professional engineer of RMS Technology Co., Ltd. precisely adjusts vibration proof and vibration control performance suitable for a selected field and device. After confirming targeted performance of vibration control and vibration proof by measuring and evaluating vibration, an optimized product is installed with setting tuning work. After
installation is completed, whether vibration performance is satisfactory or not is confirmed. A product is marketed to existing customers through actual results in the vibration controlling area of displays and semiconductor devices and provision of various vibration controlling total solutions. The product is drawing positive responses based on level of satisfaction after use. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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