Mobile core component production based process platform technology

Technology overview: Production base process platform technology was for each mobile core component module (substrate module, display module, external module), where production based process platform technology for mobile core component is a portal technology that can develop and supply from materials to common production base process technologies including cast, mold, metal forming, heat treatment, surface treatment, and welded connection to produce mobile core components. Of display modules, technology development for ultra-thin light guide panel that is a core component in LCD BLU is described in this volume. Guide panel, a core component in LCD BLU, is an optical part to transform point light source from LED into uniform surface light source, and its size has been bigger and its thickness has been thinner according to the smartphone market trend of light weight, slim, and large screen. Flagship models that are currently being produced by all the global major companies average about 5 inches in size and 0.3mm in thickness for light guide panels. When 5-inch size and 0.3mm thick light guide panel is produced using high speed injection, it was hard to secure mass productivity. In order to produce ultra-thin light guide panel, it is necessary to solve critical problems created from high speed injection production such as uncompleted molding, bending, and residual stress. Injection compression molding method was developed to solve such problems, which improves the resin flow in injection molding, enhances formability and allows ultra-thin light guide panel production through advantages like residual stress improvement. The mass-production of ultrathin light guide panel manufactured based on this development technology can be performed by U-tech only among domestic companies in the same line of business, which is expected to enhance U-tech’s competitiveness in the Chinese smartphone market that will have bigger growth rate in future.

Industrialization: Now in 2015, 0.28mm thick ultra-thin light guide panel developed through injection compression molding technology is a component of a global top maker’s product, and that can be produced by U-tech only domestically and by only two companies in the world including U-tech.
Consequently, since 2011 when sales were started in full-scale through injection compression molding technology, sales amount has been increased gradually, and in 2014 especially, over 10 billion won of sales was achieved with the success of 0.28mm ultra-thin light guide panel development. Because not just thickness but also optical properties were improved compared with existing film type high speed injection products base on form compression molding technology developed by U-tech, great outcome could be achieved in terms of quality. Accordingly, because demand for ultra-thin light guide panel is expected to be increased worldwide, U-tech’s slim technology will have great competitiveness in the market, and the company would advance to become a leading company of ultra-thin display technology in the global market based on constant improvement in form compressing technology.

Problem-solving in industrialization: Injection compression molding technology has been considered as almost the only solution for injection molding method to produce ultra-thin light guide panel in previous years. Therefore, not only U-tech but also competitors have been working on the development, but keep failing because they cannot secure mass productivity. Major mass production issues include defects in product reproducibility, dimension, and appearance. U-tech also had difficulties in mass production due to such problems in injection compression molding technology, but the company succeeded in mass production with benefits of accumulated precision mold manufacturing technology, close cooperation with injection molding companies, it molding technique improvement, and could be recognized as a manufacturer of ultra-thin light guide panel in global markets. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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