High power/small (10W Class) telemetry system for development of aircraft

Technology overview: The telemetry system for aircraft, a device displaying, saving, reproducing and analyzing the condition of an aircraft https://korean-machinery.com///inquirywhen testing a developed aircraft in flight by checking an aircraft’s conditions and transmitting them to the ground in real-time and transmission and reception device provides a pilot, and as for a drone, a pilot on the ground, with feedback enabled data as an engineer monitors flight data of an aircraft in real time and judges and responds to an unexpected emergency. The telemetry system for aircraft should secure real-time, continuity of data and robustness of communication link for these functions. Telemetry for aircraft is a major electronic device to develop an aircraft. It is classified as an essential element technology of the aircraft industry along with aircraft manufacturing technology. It is the necessary technology to develop an aircraft autonomously but previously, it depended on the introduction of overseas devices. As this telemetry technology for aircraft has localized every important device used in telemetry for aircraft such as a data collecting device to collect data, a high power (100W class) transmitter to transmit collected data to the ground, a data storing device that saves collected data in an aircraft and compares and analyzes the collected data with wireless data when a test is completed, a ground system that can receive data on the ground, etc., it strengthens the basis to contribute to test evaluation airworthiness certification for the government to export a finished aircraft at this point of time where a domestic aircraft development project is being activated.
Industrialization: By replacing components introduced from overseas, sales of about 4 billion won have been attained to date in 2016, since industrialization of the drone project field was launched in 2012. It is expected that sales will continuously rise as the aircraft development industry is recently growing with the support from the government. It is increasing the domestic market share with strong points such as securement of price competitiveness through developing core technologies in Korea, flexibility of system design, technology support and reduction of time taken until getting A/S. A miniaturized, lightened product has been developed by additionally developing image-processing technology based on telemetry technology for aircraft and composing as a single device through modularization. Also, it increased the possibility of additional industrialization by establishing a system and reducing stabilization time through constantly developing technologies. There is also a high possibility to advance into the fields of bridges, shipbuilding, automobiles, railroads, satellite and bio.

Problem-solving in industrialization: Telemetry for aircraft has the technology-level equivalent to overseas advanced companies by localizing telemetry technology that depended on overseas introduction at this point where the domestic aircraft development industry has been vitalized. However, there was some difficulty in submitting review data for performance and environmental conditions when reviewing applications of other customers and other projects due to changes in shape design according to a customer’s request by applied project. On this, base data that can secure reliability of a product has been complemented by making system composition through changing a module according to a customer’s request available by developing an aircraft telemetry platform model, and preparing a test report after conducting an environmental test on a platform model. As a result, additional industrialization was possible based on a platform model and at present, a project has been constantly promoted based on that platform model.

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