High-precision acceleration corrosion test chamber

Technology overview: life reliability tests on materials, components, electronics, machinery and equipment have been conducted under various environmental conditions and most tests identify failures modes of components and materials for changes in temperature and humidity and calculate each life span and failure rate. Among life reliability fields, the salt spray test is the most typical for a corrosion test but it has impossible test conditions such as a test of a highly corrosive material, a test under other environments such as high temperature • dampness, a test on other corrosive solutions. Recently, a reliability test set close to an actual life of a component has been required and some companies and laboratories of advanced countries have secured technology that can predict and estimate the corrosive life of a https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryproduct using database by condition. The acceleration corrosion test chamber developed in this research is a device used to evaluate an acceleration corrosion test of precision control and applied as an important test device in the field of each component of automobile, components for ship and electronics components used in a severe environment. The acceleration corrosion test chamber has increased accuracy of test conditions by improving temperature • humidity changing rate of existing foreign devices. Also, by improving high • low temperature test limitations of existing devices, it has replaced foreign devices used in companies and laboratories, which made a highly reliable test possible with excellent performance and price competitiveness.

Industrialization: Since technology development has been successful after research and development for three years from 2010 to 2013, about 70 acceleration corrosion test chambers have been sold to domestic and overseas companies up to now since 2013 and an outstanding result has been produced with consistent improvement and consultation with customers.

Through this project, a large chamber of 2700L class has been developed and technology that can develop larger chamber has been secured. Also, as corrosion resistance of a tester itself has to be excellent in corrosion resistance, a device’s long life technology has been secured. And with end users’ interest in product reliability increasinig, an effort to systematically carry out life tests has been made in various fields such as automobile, ship, electronic • electric products, daily necessities, etc. in Korea. Particularly, with Chinese companies’ increasing interest in reliability tests, exports of this developed product to Chinese companies have been rising.

Problem-solving in industrialization: Existing foreign devices use high-molecular materials to secure corrosion resistance of interior components so the testable temperature range is limited to low temperature (80°) to prevent deformation and dissipation of a relevant component to maintain a component’s life. To solve this problem, interior components have been changed to a metal (titanium) and technology development to secure corrosion resistance has been progressed and applied to industrialization.

The acceleration corrosion test requires air tightness of a chamber to maintain precise temperature and humidity. This problem has been solved by making precise control available by applying door packing technology and banting technology after developing airtight technology.

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