Steel castings

[INQ. NO. 1607M15] Samyoung M-TEK. was established with full assistance from Samsung Heavy Industries Co.,Ltd. as expertise venture corporate in Production of Steel Industry in Oct. 1997.
Main products are steel casting, alloy steel parts and components in marine, bridge, construction, locomotive and heavy vehicle industry as well, and 50% of them are exported to Japan, U.S.A and European countries. Qualities of its products have been highly recognized among its valuable global customers.

2016-07-14-14;21;41.jpgSamyoung has been developed technologies of steel casting and bridge shoes used in full range of suspension bridge, meeting the high safety regulation in designing, manufacturing, testing and inspection.
Samyoung is able to provide various materials & size of steel castings with reasonable prices, high quality and quick delivery time. Samyoung has been expanded its business into not only steel structures, shipbuilding and industry plants fields, but also the bridge bearings, earthquake proof construction.
Steel castings that Samyoung M-TEK produces are casting products of general carbon steel and alloy steel so it is more advantageous for manufacturing large products or complicated products with large shape. It is also possible to manufacture products with various materials that can endure extremely low temperature as well as high temperature like 1,000 degrees.
For example, the pallet car, which is its main product, can be manufactured up to the assembling process, and its products take up more than 50% of the international market with recognition from all over the world. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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