Hot Forging products

[INQ. 1607M18] Saewon Metal Inc. has been accumulating technology and know-how as a specialized company for hot forging since its foundation in 1995. It has been producing mainly auto parts, as well as parts for vessels and industrial machines.
Currently, Saewon Metal Inc. is exporting to the U.S.A, Mexico, Poland, Singapore, Germany, etc., as its technology gains increasing global recognition. Major facilities include its 750 ton press, 1350 ton press, 1600 ton press, 2500 ton press, 3000 ton press, and 3500 ton press, as well as other processing facilities.

Saewon Metal Inc. produces components using the OEM method including various product groups with its specialization in production of wing bushing and connecting rod. Wing bushings are used as parts of propellers and exported to Singapore after complete processing by the company.
Connecting rods require weight lightening as they connect the engine piston and the crank axis. So their mechanical strength should be high and inertial force small to respond to various kinds of loads. Currently, the entire production quantity of connecting rods is being exported to Iran. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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