Turning rolls

[INQ. NO. 1607M22] Founded in 2000, Changil-Tech has contributed to South Korea’s key industry in the sectors of turning rolls, https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryindustrial furnace and heavy forging facilities. To maximize customer satisfaction, Changil-Tech established facilities in Masan Free Trade Zone in South Korea.
Changil-Tech’s turning rolls were manufactured using proven design technologies. It offers wider range of styles and capacities in the world, with many options available to customize customers’ applications. Its turning rollers ensure continuous production with dependable performance. The adoption of the turning roll enables dynamic braking, which
lead to quick, precise, and smooth stops of loads. Since foundation, it has been always providing what customers wanted as a leader in the field of turning roll.

As a turning roll doesn’t have a set of standards, it has always considered communication with customers very important to meet customers’ conveniences and satisfied them by meeting their requirements. No matter what size is requested, it promises it will do its best to meet your requests along with timely A/S. To provide reliable quality and best products, it has obtained certifications, ISO9001 and ISO14001. It is aiming to become a more responsible corporation of high status to provide customer satisfaction while making its efforts to be an ethical business leader for your great kindness.

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