Pneumatic conveyor

[INQ. NO. 1607M02] Cheonbo Engineering Co., Ltd. specializes in developing cuttingedge
technology in the machinery field, with more than 20 years of experience in supplying various products. As a result, it has manufactured and supplied filtering and sewage and waste water processing facilities such as non-stop thickened decanter and pneumatic conveyor, drum screen and various screens, nonmetallic HDPE sluice gates, spiral scum skimmer, decanter and non-stop thickener.
The pneumatic conveyor from Cheonbo Engineering is called one of the most remarkable models among t
ransfer facilities. Using compressed air, this system is able to transfer various kinds of impurities horizontally or vertically in a limited space. Among the features are:transfer through complex piping is possible,easy installation and small installation space available, and unmanned operation available through auto operation.


Cheonbo Engineering promises it will always develop and supply superior quality of products and one-step-ahead after-service, in return for the continuous support from its faithful customers.
Established in 1991, Cheonbo Engineering chosen as the holder of NEP(New Excellent Product) in 2006, showing its capacity in developing high quality products, which have the potential to lead the domestic market. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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