Multi Grapple

Kangto is an OEM & ODM supplier to the world-renowned brands of excavators construction equipment. (e.g. Hyundai, Doosan, Volvo, Hitachi, Caterpillar, just to name a few) All products are manufactured and controlled by long experienced craftsmen in our own factory in Korea.

Now we manufacture various attachments for earth moving machines including quick couplers, ripper, multi-grapple, plate compactor, pallet fork lift, and buckets.

Kangto is the first developer of Hydraulic quick coupler in Korea in 1993 and has been dedicated to developing the safest and the most efficient quick couplers in the industry.

We design the attachments based on the end-users’ point of view and supply great value quick couplers that surpass the quality level of renowned American and European brands at far competitive prices than theirs.


-Available excavator range 0.8-80 ton.

-Mechanical Type : Do not need seperate oil pressure hose to be install.

This innovative Multi-grapple incorporates a unique quick connection.

The conection mechanism allows the grapple/grap to be connected and locked onto to your excavator without the operator haveing to leave the cab.

-Your advantage

Easy Installation : When combined with the Kangto Coupler this grapple can be easily attached and released to your excavator within 10 seconds.

Better Efficiency : Its unique-connect mechanism and easey control enable easy and simple operation and reduce downtime and maintenance cost.

Simple but Powerful : Lightweight structures with wide unfold width and narrow close, give you increased dexterity and control in any application. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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