Mobile racks

[INQ. NO. 1608M06] Daewon Mobile Rack is a producer and distributor of functionally effective mobile rack made from sheet metals, aluminum materials, etc. Daewon Mobile Rack specializes in storage system, and was established in 1986 and has ever since stayed on a continuous growth track armed with technological excellence and quality. Daewon Mobile Rack has acquired many production quality certificates and application of many patents enabled the company to stand with a competitive edge.
Daewon Mobile Rack built robust price competitiveness based on its ability from development to production and construction, and is evolving into a company of trust with its rapid and accurate A/S.
Untitled-37.jpgKey products of Daewon Mobile Rack are largely classified into handle-type mobile racks and electric-type mobile racks. These products provide customers with the ultimate in space utilization. Mature high precision components, because it is systematized, can be constructed quickly to meet a variety of installation environments. Such products’ strong point is very high precision and durability of the minimum torque for smooth operation.
Picture rack developed using these mobile racks to hear a lot of rave reviews from the gallery or a museum. The company’s high-quality products are close to perfection driven by rich experience and knowhow. They are high in demand in government offices, public organizations, schools, offices and labs and also exported to the world, which is proof of its outstanding quality and service. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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