Power tools

[INQ. NO. 1608M10] Aimsak is a leading https://korean-machinery.com///inquirymanufacturer of high-quality power tools. High-performance products being made by Aimsak include cordless power tools, Li-ion battery tools, driver drills, and impact wrenches.
Aimsak’s variety of products allows users to have a wide range of choices to complete their tasks and guarantee the quality to get the work done efficiently and effortlessly.
Whether you are a homemaker or industry tradesman, Aimsak can provide you with the right products to suit your needs. Aimsak assures you high-quality products, reasonable prices, and sincere service. Aimsak’s 18V brushless impact driver is engineered to perform smarter and faster with a VOLT battery, integrated electronics and brushless motor technology which run cooler, last longer and can deliver over 50% more run-time and increased power and extended durability with essentially no maintenance.
Its long-lasting VOLT battery pack includes a guard on the battery cell monitoring system with ESCP. Electronic Single Cell Protection (ESCP) constantly monitors the health of not just the battery, but every cell within the battery.
2016-08-25 14;53;00.PNGESCP is in operation whenever the battery is in operation, and when the battery is charging. ESCP will determine which cells need charging first and give them priority so that the battery is fully charged and ready for you to use much quicker. The 3.6V screwdriver from the company has a more compact design with handy size and it can be charged by USB cable. LED light and soft switch makes your work conditions more comfortable.

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