Raised Access Floor (Total Solution System)

[INQ. NO. 1608M08] Seokyung produces https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryaluminum panels ranging from 500~7,000kgs with metric dimensions as well as a practical line of products to meet all worldwide military and governmental requirements and specifications. All panels are available in solid, perforated and grated designs. Each panel is produced by die-cast, milled and finished in accordance with standards and quality guidelines in the industries.
Seokyung’s solid panels are designed for specific places where heavier loads are required;
the unique rib structure provides excellent dispersion of weight to achieve minimum deflection with maximum load-bearing capacities for placement of equipment and tool moves-ins.

The solid panels equipped with advanced load endurance capacity are interchangeable with perforated and grating panels. For the products, various options of finishing materials are available. Featuring excellent process ability, they have semi-permanent usage through recycling. Among them, Grating panels are designed for the areas where maximum air flow is required and have grid patterns which generate minimum vibration from rolling loads and foot traffic. They are available in conductive epoxy powder coating, nickel chrome plating and various options of other non-conductive colors.
And perforated panels are designed to provide a smooth air flow from the ceiling to the floor with 1,296 or 1,024 chamfered holes. Various options of finishing materials are being used.

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