Water circulation system

[INQ. NO. 1608M03] As the green-specialized enterprise, ECOCO has developed a supernatant liquid decanter for the https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryfirst time in Korea to make clean and clear environment since its establishment of 2000, and after getting the patent for KT, NEP, etc. In addition, ECOCO has developed and launched a green algae prevention device (called ECOCO Solution) using solar energy and received a certificate for the green technology.
Water circulation system is a low-power, high performance rust& green algae prevention system applied with sunlight which is capable of sucking deep water through a corrugated shrinkable tube and circulating as upper water using a rotating impeller.

ECOCO can prevent organisms from decomposing that is generated by lack of oxygen at a lower layer through circulation of water, whereby odor, bad taste and growth of toxic current can be prevented. ECOCO can improve a low DO level in lakes and streams to provide oxygen sufficient enough for microorganisms to function, whereby plant planktons are increased by supply of nutritive salts in lakes, and aerobic condition abundant with oxygen can be made by solving oxygen deficiency in the lakes.

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