Engine mount

[INQ. NO. 1609M04] Established in 2004, https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryHaeun Tech has been continuously meeting the demands of its customers in the Korean market, with constant reaping of growing reliability and growing market share. Equipped with a variety of presses, welding robots, CNC lathes, and lathe automation systems, the company is producing highquality products through strict quality control.
Now Haeun Tech has largely manufactured engine mounts for seven models of large trucks. 2016-09-13 10;32;13.PNGThe engine mount from the company is popular in the industry as it can effectively support the engine between the car body and the engine, and reduce vibration and noise coming from the engine at the same time. Accordingly, vibration isolation for vehicle noise is important. And also, Haeun Tech importantly considers in the process of design of engine mount that it has to be able to support the weight of the power train, limit the displacement from external shocks, and protect the power train from outside shocks.
Beginning with obtaining certifications of ISO/9001/4001 in 2001, it made its steadily growing record in winning official certification from external bodies. To cope with increasing challenges in the market, it established a technology institute. With steady performance, it was chosen as one of promising export firms in 2013. Haeun Tech promises that it will always make utmost efforts to become the best company in its field.

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