Expanding Foreign Markets with Patented PU-Processing Technology

Over the past 25 years, DUT KOREA has led the domestic fieldhttps://korean-machinery.com///inquiry of high-pressure polyurethane (PU) solutions. The company currently deals with foaming machines, mixing heads, metering pumps and almost every kind of PU applications.
The company has acquired an international patent (PCT) for its mixing head assembly with double tilted injection nozzle system. With the unique technology, it is capable of making foaming machines which show superior mixing quality by stable laminar fl ow. It originally started in the PU business with its innovative mixing head, a core PU technology, and since then has constantly expanded its business fi eld to all the PU applications.
Untitled-42.jpgFor eff ective marketing abroad, the fi rm has developed an international network extending to 57 countries, including the USA, Germany, the UK, Italy, New Zealand, Hungary, Japan, China, Thailand, Iran, Egypt, India, Brazil and Mexico. Under the slogan “Solution for Polyurethane,”
its experts with know-how accumulated over 20 years are exerting their eff orts toward developing even bett er mixing heads.
With international certifi cations such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, the maker has acquired foreign standards for its products like CE. It has been designated as an “INNO-Biz” company by the Small and Medium Business Administration.

“SMAED” Ergonomic Smart Beds to Spill Over the World

2016-09-13 10;22;46.PNG

The manufacturer recently released “SMAED” ergonomic smart beds. (SMAED is a compound word of smart and bed.) SMAED smart matt ress consists of a unique matt ress cover and polyurethane foam. Using environment-friendly materials and three functional layers, the matt ress cover guarantees a comfortable sleeping environment and sustained comfort regardless of the user’s movements. The polyurethane foam with an open-cell structure ensures a comfortable deep sleep through excellent permeability.
SMAED smart bed’s six-zone matt ress evenly distributes the pressure of the user’s entire body, thereby maximizing comfort. The suspension of SMAED bed’s unique frame is divided into fi ve zones according to each part of the user’s body. With independent disk spring for each body part, the user can enjoy maximum comfort in any postures. The actuator system installed on the frame can easily be adjusted through the use of application (App) service provided with wireless remote control.
SMAED bed’s function to adjust angles helps enjoy more comfortable leisure activity and relaxation through optimal postures by use of smart devices.

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