Highly Functional Handles for Windows with Luxurious Design

Aceinnotech is a company specialized in hardware for https://korean-machinery.com///inquirywindows with approximately 30 years of tradition. It produces hardware that forms a ‘window,’ such as autolock handle, roller for window and keeper, which are basic and fundamental to safety of our spaces. Aceinnotech has competence in price and product quality in the field of hardware for windows in Korea. And it also develops customized products according to customers’ needs.
As results of having reinforced its competence through investment in people, operation of a technology research center and securing professional designers, Aceinnotech has won various awards such as the Presidential award for the National Quality Cycle Contest, the Prime Minister’s award for small and medium-sized businesses innovation contest and excellence award for Good Design Handle for Window and Door. With continuous research and development, Aceinnotech has registered 13 patents, 15 utility models and 20 new designs.


Products Incorporating the Company’s Motto, ‘Human Focus,’ ‘Customer
Impression,’ and ‘Technological Innovation’

Untitled-11.jpgALH-380 is a handle that locks and releases automatically for sliding windows when closing and opening. It is easy to install so that it can be easily used for closing and opening windows. The security function has been upgraded with lock function eff ectively improved, bett er than the existing lock device, crescent.
Without left or right, it is simply built with easy installation. Having taken ‘comma’ as its design motif, the feeling of smooth grip has been realized while durability tests have been completed through 50,000 times of opening and closing. It can be used and selected practically for various windows such as balconies and small windows. It comes in silver, dark gray and white.
Untitled-12.jpgALH-115 is an another handle that locks and releases automatically. Based on solid quality, it is easy to install it as mount or lever integral product. A durability test has been completed as well through 50,000 times of opening and closing. With relatively small handle size, compared with other products, the feeling of comfortable grip has been achieved. It can be used and selected practically for various windows such as balconies and small windows. It comes in silver, dark gray and gold.
Untitled-13.jpgASP-021A is a roller for windows, which facilitates their movement when opening or closing. It endures high-load with very low noise so it is useful for long-term use. The durability test has been completed with 100,000 repetitions of opening and closing tests.

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