Manufacturing impregnated diamond core bit, reaming shells, core barrels, casing and drill rod

Taesung is a professional manufacturing impregnated diamond core bit, reaming shells, core barrels, casing and drill rod company in Korea and has been the best for more than 36 years since its founding in 1980.
Korea has a very long geological history, so its rock is usually very hard. Thus, its technology has been adjusted to handling these kinds of hard rocks. Taesung has a superior quality on hard rocks and ultra-hard rocks. Taesung is the leading company in the domestic market.
It is the number 1 exploration drilling accessories manufacturing company. It can produce bit and reaming shells of any size and can meet any of its customers’ standards. Also, it produces drill rods, casing pipe and core barrels. In case of its impregnated diamond core bits, the penetration rate is very fast compared to other manufacturers.

Major Products Designed to Bore the Strongest Bedrocks in the world

Untitled-32.jpgImpregnated diamond core bits, mounted at the tip of core barrels for direct contacting and boring of bedrocks, play the most important role among excavation parts. As Korea’s bedrocks are the strongest in the world, geological survey companies in Korea have incessantly requested impregnated core bits that are suitable for such excavation work.
As its impregnated core bits enable proper excavation of hard bedrocks at a high speed, they are optimized for geotechnical drilling, which requires high drilling rate. Its impregnated core bits are recognized by overseas buyers as world-class and top quality products. These products are now being exported to countries like Singapore, Morocco and France.

Taesung’s diamond reaming shells are in great demand as they have excellent quality, stability and abrasion resistance. This is because they are based on high-quality materials such as natural diamond, metal powder and shanks. By overcoming the low-price tactics of overseas competitors, its high-quality diamond reaming shells are leading the market.
Taesung’s core barrels, which are the most complex equipment as they are comprised with more than 30 components, provide outstanding compatibility because they are manufactured in conformity with the international standards. Accordingly, they are favored worldwide as they can be utilized in any country. A core barrel is typically comprised of outer tubes, inner tubes, split tubes, a head assembly and an overshot. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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