Actively Exploring Global Markets with Patented Parking Systems and Construction Equipment Based on technology accumulated over the past 20 years, HONGBO Co. has solidifi ed its domestically leading position in the export of automated parking systems, asphalt mixing plants, concrete batching plants and crushing plants.

201610mm_page_032_03With ISO 9001 international certifi cation, the company has acquired foreign standards such as GOST and several new invention and utility model patents. It has originally concentrated on markets in Russia and former CIS countries. But, eff orts are being made to diversify its foreign outlets into other countries such as Indonesia.

The maker’s automated parking systems automatically transfer vehicles into the open parking slot by employing special compact lifting equipment. Capable of parking various types of cars ranging from mini cars to large sport utility vehicles, they are equipped with reliable safe devices and user-friendly interface in control device. The company can meet any intricate requirements from overseas customers.


Asphalt mixing plants from the maker are indispensible for ASCON (Asphalt Concrete) and REMICON (Ready- Mixed Concrete) manufacturing companies. They are specially designed to overcome severe heat in the Middle East, sandstorms in the desert, and severely cold weather in areas like Siberia.

Equipped with a high-performance mixer, the company’s concrete batching plants can produce high-strength concrete and various other kinds of special concrete. The maker can off er customized plants for various work environments, including public works and house construction sites in the city.

Armed with long experiences of producing a wide range of crushing and screening equipment for domestic mining companies, the fi rm has supplied environment-protecting crushing plants featuring optimized construction waste refi ning processes. Its crushing plants are ideal for producing crushed gravel-sand mixtures, helping prevent environmental destruction and achieve smooth recycling of natural resources.
Ready to Meet Changing Market Demand Abroad

201610mm_page_032_07“We at HONGBO Co. have provided our customers with a broad range of services from development and designing to manufacturing and installation. To meet rapidly changing demands from overseas markets, we are actively cooperating with advanced European and Korean specialists in the fi eld. We are thus ready to off er high-quality service, punctual delivery and acceptable prices,” said the company’s president Kim Sung-han. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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