Building a World-Class Plate Heat Exchanger with Its Own Technology Since its founding, LHE has made tangible eff orts, such as Business-University Joint Research to overcome restrictions in using the existing plate heat exchangers at high temperatures and pressures, and to develop more effi cient heat exchangers based on the accumulated technologies.

As a result of these ceaseless and various eff orts, it could secure 25,000ton and 50,000 ton hydraulic presses, creating a world-class production facility, with its own technology.
On the way from its origins as a small venture business, LHE won a hard-to-get order (Crystalizer Reactor and Heating & Cooling Device) without an appropriate production facility, but only with its pure technology and customers’ trust. It has been able to design and develop a world-class hydraulic press with its own technology through ceaseless eff orts with much trial-and-error.
Manufacturing Heat Exchangers with Modernized and Optimized System

201610mm_page_055_10LHE’s production facilities are equipped with a modernized and optimized system for manufacturing heat exchangers.

The quality of heat plate is directly related to the performance of the plate heat exchanger.

Therefore, it tries its best to live up to customers’ expectations by providing a various range of heat exchangers such as large, medium, small and mini-sized plates fabricated by 50,000, 25,000, 10,000 ton hydraulic presses.

The Plate Heat Exchanger is fi xed by numerous thin and corrugated heat transfer plates, hanging between the carrying bar on the above and the guide bar on the below.

These heat transfer plates provide fl ow channels for two kinds of fl uids, and the chevrons on the heat transfer plate make the turbulent fl ow and act to support the plate against the pressure diff erence between the two fl uids. The plate pack is to be placed between the fi xed cover and the movable cover, and fi xed with tie bolts.
As for its characteristics, the plate heat exchanger is highly effi cient in heat transfer compared with shell and tube heat exchanger, about fi ve times more. It has a wide contact area so its durability and corrosion resistance are greatly improved by minimizing deformation and stress concentration. The gasket can be fi xed tightly and quickly on the heat plate in the optimal condition with the dual fi xing device (snap on type). It also features anti-vibration design with easiness to assemble and disassemble. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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