High-Performance Diesel Engines and Generators Attracting International Attention

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry Armed with technology accumulated over 20 years, Hyundai Machinery Ind. manufactures marine propulsion diesel engines, marine & land generators and diesel engines for agricultural and industrial uses.

Among the company’s principal export items are marine propulsion diesel engines. Featuring high performance, low fuel consumption and easy maintenance, they come in fi ve models with continuous power ranging from 40 to 550PS.

They are widely applicable for fi shing boats, cargo boats, passenger vessels, excursion ships and others. They are being produced and marketed under approval by the Korea National Institute of Ship Safety & Technology (KST).

Popular export models in the marine propulsion diesel engines include H6D2TA. It has a continuous power of 325PS at a rotation speed of 2,100rpm. Its medium duty runs at 360PS with a speed of 2,200rpm. With a direct injection type of combustion, the model has a total displacement of 11,149cc.

The maker’s marine and land generators are suitable for generating electricity for vessels, construction sites and industrial uses. They are usually used as a power supply or emergency power source during blackouts. Their features include strong power, low emission, low noise and low fuel consumption. Ranging in prime power from 30kW to 324kW, they come in fi ve models. Its dry weight with gearbox weighs 1,218kg.
With continuous power ranging from 53PS to 500PS, the company’s diesel engines for agricultural and industrial uses are available in a range of eight models. Featuring high-performance and low fuel-consumption, they are applicable for emergency power source and various commercial uses as well.

Focusing Prime Emphasis on Market Exploration Overseas

201610mm_page_042_03Encouraged by the high popularity of its products in the domestic market, the manufacturer has constantly explored overseas markets. With ISO 14001 and 9001 certifi cations, it currently ships its products to at least 35 countries.

Its annual exports surpass US$5 million. Thanks to its experienced staff workers in marketing, after-sales service and research and development sectors, the fi rm can bett er meet the customers’ intricate orders within a short timespan.

Due to its ceaseless investment in research and development, the company has been designated by the Small and Medium Business Administration as an “INNOBIZ Company.” It has also obtained the “Korea Seal of Excellence” mark from the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) in 2008.

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