High-speed door

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry INQ. NO. 1610M14] COAD’s K-series door products are highly rated by numerous well- known international companies. Especially in the Asia-Pacific region, COAD is gaining recognition as a top-tier Korean company.

201610m_page_019_07COAD is focusing its efforts on becoming a company that everyone, including not only company executives and shareholders, but also company employees, suppliers, contractors, and customers, can be part of and be proud of. Primarily, COAD sets up systems and to make the decisions on products and services from the customers’ point of view, knowing that its own employees and family members are using its products. COAD’s standard model of high-speed door is its most popular product line. Equipped with a high-strength wind-bar, the wind-bar locks prevent separation under high wind conditions. Easy sheet installation makes it easy to replace individual sheets damaged by vehicles and equipment. It is designed for easy exchange between winter and summer sheets.

The recovery type is a premium class high-speed auto door system. It is also very popular and is designed for high traffic areas. It comes with an auto door recovery system that repairs the doors damaged by impacts from forklifts and moving equipment. This can help minimize repair costs. It is suitable for the electronics and automotive industries.

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