PENGUIN – Outcome of Accumulated Experience and Know-how Penguin Ocean Leisure Co., Ltd. Leisure runs the sales and operations of Penguin, the world’s fi rst compact semisubmarine developed by Gocean Co., Ltd. POL is founded in 2014, it is a relatively young company with a young CEO and staff members.

201610mm_page_053_03However, its parent company, HLB was established in 1975. And it has recently expanded its business into Bio-industry.

Main businesses include manufacturing marine products such as yachts, lifeboats, FRP vessels, etc., and it develops medical products such as artifi cial liver, targeted anticancer drugs, etc.

Compact Semi-submarine for Leisure and Underwater Rides
Penguin is a compact semi-submarine for leisure and off ers tourist underwater rides without any equipment.

This product has been developed entirely with HLB’s exclusive technology over a numbers of years.

Penguin lets tourists experience nature’s wonders and enjoy pure delight through the fascinating underwater views. It also gets children excited and interested in nature with underwater expedition.

Penguin off ers additional options such as marine activities and F&B service. It can operate while passengers enjoy snorkeling, diving and fi shing.

201610mm_page_053_06Penguin shares the pleasure with everyone regardless of age, health condition and swimming skills. The company helps anyone to give it a try and gather unforgett able memories. Penguin is the achievement of HLB’s technology and experience of manufacturing lifeboats over 40 years.

Penguin obtained CE certifi cation through Lloyd’s register, passing self-inspection and close examination.

Penguin is run by dual electric motor. It does not create pollution and conserve marine life by using an electric batt ery.

Penguin 1.0 was an initial model of Penguin, the semisubmarine for leisure. It was ideal for short trips with a fast turnover. It has a wide window in front and on the sides.

Private space was available for a maximum of four people.

Penguin 2.0 is an upgraded model of Penguin, which was sustainable for sailing business. It can carry more passengers with faster speed at the similar size as Penguin 1.0, maximum 12 people. Broad upper deck is available for the service area. It has a simple structure with easy maintenance. They operate in various places such as Seychelles and the Maldives. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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