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https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry Since its beginning in the mold business, Kwangnam GSK has expanded its business range to include aluminum die-casting, high-pressure die-casting, escalator steps, moving-walk pallets, semiconductors, displays, and clean-room access fl oors. The company is contributing to the economic development of Korea as a supplier of construction materials, automotive parts, electronics, escalators, moving-walk parts, mechanical parts, and military supplies.

201610mm_page_026_03The strength of Kwangnam GSK lies in its integrated system that encompasses all processes, from design to mass production. Thanks to the strength, cost reductions and quality consistency, coupled with its exclusive 2800T full-size die-casting equipment make Kwangnam GSK one of Korea’s best companies in the fi elds of die-casting and aluminum access fl oors.

201610mm_page_026_06An access fl oor system is installed at 10cm to 30cm from ground level. Power and communication cables can be installed in the fl ooring itself without piping or cable trays and it allows for concentrated air-conditioning of important equipment, which is ideal for machine rooms, semiconductor manufacturing facilities, and offi ces.

Kwangnam GSK Access fl oor is the world’s fi rst ultralightweight single-body aluminum access fl oor that features panels and pedestals that are integrated.

Kwangnam GSK is a primary partner of Otis Elevator Company, the world’s largest vertical transportation systems manufacturer. The company has a 30-year history in die-casting and uses the 2800T, fully-automated die-casting equipment made by Muller Weingarten, the premium German die-casting machine manufacturer. Die-casting is also referred to as high-pressure casting. It is a method of precision casting in which molten metal is injected into a precisely machineprocessed metal mold and extruded with high pressure.

The merits of die-casting include precision in product specifi cations, mechanical performance, and ease of massproduction.

Commonly die-cast metals are zinc, aluminum, tartar, copper, and magnesium. Kwangnam GSK also sells used die casting machines.

Lightest Aluminum-Access Floor
Kangnam GSK is the developer of the world’s lightest aluminum-access fl oor and the world’s fi rst integrated aluminum-access fl oor. With these two products, Kwangnam GSK started to export products to the world market with great pride.

Backed by 30 years of expertise, the company is now the exclusive supplier of escalator steps and moving-walk pallets to Otis, the world’s largest elevator and escalator manufacturer, and a subsidiary of the transnational corporation United Technology Company. As this tremendous achievement att ests, its top quality and ultralightweight aluminum-access fl oors always meet customers’ needs.

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