Producing Durable and Costeff ective Roof Tiles FeRoof, after its establishment in 2002, has researched and produced products diligently and is growing rapidly based on foundation. It all started 40 years ago when CEO Seo-jeong Park started making roofi ng materials with plain, gray concrete roof tiles and then with clay tiles.

Now with the latest technology and stylish designs, FeRoof produces extremely durable, cost-eff ective roof tiles that beautify any building. The president of South Korea and customers from all over the world have recognized its work.

With accumulated experiences, FeRoof has been exporting more and more every year. It is distributing its stone-coated steel roofs to Japan, Europe, Africa and all over the world.

Characteristics of Feroof Tiles – Why They Are So Popular in the Market

Feroof tiles are perfect for new housing and re-roofi ng of existing roof top, adding a unique elegance of light-weight tiles with components of stone coated steel. Its steel sheet is made by POSCO with consistent quality. Feroof is known for its quality as it has continued to improve products, manufacturing process and effi ciency.

201610mm_page_051_03Feroof tiles can be installed on existing asphalt shingles, which saves cost of uninstalling and prevents environmental waste. Feroof stone chip coated steel tiles are very easy to install, therefore, shorten installation time and save the labor cost. The installation requires no special training with weight of each tile about 2.6-7 a piece. They are also very fl exible so, when bent during installation, the basecoat will stretch instead of cracking.

Feroof stone chip coated steel has strength of high modulus, good dispersing, seismic resistance and wear resistance, therefore, it can bett er withstand large or nearby earthquakes.

Because of its unique formation of stone ship coated steel tiles, it provides rather silent echo / sound during rainfall, which reduces outdoor noise and creates good peaceful living ambient.

Feroof stone chip coated steel has the ability to last for many years of exposure to sunlight and ultra-violet light without deterioration. The basecoat is cured in an oven to make sure it is fully dry before it leaves the factory, making it very tough to resist deterioration compared with some other manufacturers’ coating.

Feroof tiles are classifi ed as a class-A fi re rated, non combustible roofi ng material, which is able to withstand severe exposure to fi re originating from outside the building. They can also withstand extreme temperatures.
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