Providing a Full Range of Air- Powered Vacuum Pump Solutions Founded in 1980, DooVAC has specialized in supplying industrial-use air powered vacuum pumps, compressors, accessories and optimum solutions. As an ISO-certifi ed manufacturer, the company has actively explored overseas markets in Europe and the Americas, as well as Asia.
Since the maker has successfully localized vacuum pumps for the fi rst time in Korea, it has long-accumulated basic and advanced technologies in the fi eld. Equipped with automated production facilities, it is capable of performing high-precision processing and guarantees superior durability of its products. Its products have been so highly reputed by overseas customers that they are currently recognized as having quality similar to German products.

Among the company’s fl agship products are MVO-630 rotary vane vacuum pump and vacuum tank system.

Widely applicable for vacuum packing, food packing, laboratories, medical instruments, vacuum molding, vacuum drying and suction transfer, MVO-630 has a nominal displacement of 630m3/hr at 50Hz or 760m3/hr at 60Hz. Weighing approximately 670 kg, the model off ers a nominal motor rating of 15KW at 50Hz or 18.5KW at 60Hz.

It silently operates at 72dB at 50Hz or 74dB at 60Hz. With a water vapor capacity of 30l/h, it has a maximum water vapor tolerance of 40mbar.

Competitive Models to Hit the World Market

MVO-630 is made under the company’s strict qualitycontrol according to ISO 9001 and CE standards. It is easy to maintain due to its simple design and air-cooling system.

With an integral oil mist-removing fi lter, it operates with low vibration and low noise-level, thus allowing it to be used under any environment. By employing a coupling direct-type driving method using fl ange motors with international standards, it sharply reduces its weight and power consumption.

The company’s vacuum tank systems are indispensible for hospital equipment. Coming with one, two or more heads, they can meet any intricate orders from customers.

Divided into Simplex and Duplex types, they are available with a tank capacity of 150 or 300 liters for Simplex type and a tank capacity of 200 or 300 liters for Duplex type.

201610mm_page_038_07For bett er appearance, the vacuum pump and vacuum container of the maker’s vacuum tank systems can be enclosed. These high-end models are suitable for clean rooms of semiconductor processing factories. The movable type tank systems are integrated with operating switches, vacuum gauges and various shutdown valves. They are highly economical since one unit can be used for several kinds of equipment. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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