Pursuing Goal to Become a World-Leading Motor Supplier with Excellent Technical Capacity

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry Higen Motor has specialized for more than 50 years in producing highvoltage motors, explosionproof motors, servo motors, servo drives and electricvehicle motors. The company started as a business division of LG Electronics in 1963 and was spun off as an independent corporation in 2008.

With globally acknowledged certifi cations such as ISO, CE, ATEX, EtherCAT and TS16949, it is capable of producing induction motors ranging up to 3500kW and servo motors and drives varying up to 75kW.

201610mm_page_048_03The maker’s AC low-voltage induction motors range in output from 0.4kW to 500kW (at 220V~660V), while its high-voltage induction motors vary in output from 37kW to 2,500kW (at 690V~13,800V).

With ATEX certifi cate, explosion-proof motors from the company range in output from 400W to 260kW (for Ex d IIB IIC protection type). When an internal explosion occurs due to the explosive gas that penetrated into the inside of the airtight container, the products’ special structure eff ectively withstands the explosion pressure and prevents the spread of fl ames with the external explosive surroundings.

201610mm_page_048_07The manufacturer’s servo motors and servo drives are widely applicable for robots, injection-molding machines, packaging machines, semiconductor lines, FA systems, and others. Ranging in rated output from 50W to 75W, servo motors feature rapid position/speed control and high-speed operation with low noise. Servo drives passed EtherCAT conformance test assuring compatibilities with EtherCAT based network systems.

201610mm_page_048_14Higen Motor has played a key role in the Korean government-sponsored major R&D projects to develop next-generation profi table core products such as robots and electric vehicle motors that are solidly competitive in the global market in terms of price and performance.

The company has diversifi ed its existing product portfolio coverage, such as 3500kW at 13,200V motors for power plants and explosion-proof motors of ATEX certifi cation for petrochemical facilities of domestic and foreign customers like Korean EPC and Hitachi.

Challenging the World with Innovative Technology
In the global motor industry, there are only a few leaders with the technical capacity to produce asynchronous motors, synchronous motors, and at the same time command motor control technology. In Korea, Higen Motor is the only company possessing such capacity.

“As the electronic control technology rapidly advances, we believe the future of the motor market will evolve to intelligent motors that combine precision with networkbased motor control. We have aspirations to become one of the global leaders in the fi eld of industrial and intelligent motors,” said the company’s president Kim Jae-hak.

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