Small Construction Equipment Gaining High Marks Abroad With High Precision and Durability COPAZ Machinery has distinguished itself over the past two decades by supplying superior small-construction equipment, including vibrating rollers, plate compactors, power trowels, rebar cutt ers, rebar benders and fl oor planers.

201610mm_page_040_03Based on its long-accumulated technologies, the company has acquired international certifi cations such as ISO 9001 and 14001, CE and GOST. Its products are being shipped to some 30 countries mainly in North America, the Middle East, Europe and North Africa, under the fi rm’s own brand “COPAZ.” Placing top priority on quality and durability, the maker has developed some 90% of its machinery’s parts with its own technology. Some key parts are supplied from advanced companies in Germany, Italy and Japan. As a result, the fi rm’s products have gained high reputations in both domestic and international markets.

Popular Export Items Featuring Superior Productivity

Among the maker’s export mainstream are vibrating rollers and plate compactors which are representative compacting machines for asphalt and ordinary fi eld. They ensure high productivity since their high-precision parts are mostly supplied from advanced in-house production facilities. Their engines, bearings, O-rings and oil seals are sourced from Japan, while hydraulic devices and safety washers are purchased from Italy and Germany, respectively.

Most of the maker’s small construction machines are being exported with a one-year warranty, and even a two-year warranty is provided for some items. Since the fi rm produces and possesses most of the machine parts, it can deliver the required parts within one or two days, resulting in swift after-sales activities.201610mm_page_040_07

The fi rm’s popular CVR-Series double-drum vibrating rollers are very compact and are applicable for compacting and maintaining various roads, expressway shoulder, side walk, parking areas and sports ground lawn. They are suitable for works at narrow areas such as pipeline channels and drainage trenches.

Plate compactors from the company eff ectively compact granular soils, crushed aggregates and hot mix asphalt in open jot sites of all sizes. Their fully adjustable operator handles with padded grips provide users with excellent comfort in both transport and storage.

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