Specialization in Industrial Furniture as well as Laboratory Furniture

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry Taejin ENG was launched in 1999 as a specialized industrial furniture maker, composing clamping tools for fi xing molds, toolboxes, and work benches. Now it has become a leader in the industry peer group despite its short history. Also, since 2007, it entered the business of materials handling equipment, advancing into not only domestic but also international markets and gaining a favorable reception, by developing and launching about 50 models such as forklifts, under the ‘TOVICA’ brand.
In 2010, based on production know-how accumulated so far, it expanded it business into the laboratory furniture fi eld. In 2015, it launched an integrated brand, TJEN, consolidating industrial furniture and laboratory furniture to advance into the global market.

Representative Products of Taejin ENG, Forklift and Laboratory Furniture

Taejin ENG developed material handling equipment with various functions with its own technologies such as electric forklift trucks, electric pallet trucks, stackers, equipment dealing with drums and table lifts, etc. And it supplies them under the TOVICA brand to overseas users as well as domestically with the best quality ensured. For example, the Electric Walkie Stacker – Reach Type-ensures smooth and silent driving with easy control AC motor without vibration and noise. It has a highly effi cient AC control system, so low power-consumption allows for economical use of batt ery.

Taejin laboratory furniture features innovative designs and safety as its top priorities and is comprised of an experiment table to store various kinds of experimental apparatus and a shelf-typed experiment table equipped with two-layer shelves to make use of space effi ciently, an outlet type on which large experimental equipment can be placed and used and a basic experiment table, etc.

Structural safety was improved by making its frame with aluminum and steel.

The laminated phenol made of Formica which has excellent chemical resistance is basically used for the top plate and effi cient experimental environment is made by systematic layout of utilities such as electricity, gas and water supply and drainage, etc. In addition, convenient and safe experiments can be conducted since there are safety cabinets and closet for reagent, etc. that can store fl ammable materials.

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