Growing into a front-runner for cold forging products [INQ. NO. 1610M33] Sindo High Tech Co., Ltd., a company specialized in the forging of automobile components such as inner pipe and inner sleeve, has maintained its existence as a front-runner for cold forging products in Daegu region by concentrating on cold forging over the past 30 years. Sindo High Tech, now focusing on higher value-added components and hybrid automobile components, has 60~80% of domestic market share with dominant cost-competitiveness and superior quality using cold multi-former, and is trying to strengthen its technical competitiveness to pioneer overseas routes.

Securing fabrication process technology for highly competitive superior components Currently developed products include bushing that can be assembled with RR MBR Knuckle and other parts in the suspension and it is mainly used as a component that can influence wheel alignment as well as reduce vibration generated during operation. It is being used in GM global automobile, and its demand is expected to be increasing as the application will be extended to newly developed models. Thus, in compliance with consistent needs for high reliability, Sindo High Tech carried forward component development showing high reliability.

Existing fabrication processes are composed of a total of three steps where all components are made individually and then welded, which is very wasteful for materials, requires much energy-use in the manufacturing, and there is great concern about defective forming in welding or damage in the neck area. In order to improve such flaws, parts fabrication processes were developed through this research task; making precise forming with cold multi-former and forming the shape after removing stress from the materials and surface treatment, which consequently reduced the processes dramatically. Moreover, developing technology that can manufacture parts economically having not just high yield but also superiority in terms of characteristics allows securing competitiveness.

In this regard, Ho-gwon Seo, CEO of Sindo High Tech explained, “After designing dies for each process based on developed process blueprint, we had to undergo many trials and errors because we could not have expected results in the course of manufacturing actual dies through feasibility study and testing trial produces due to many causes. We made steady and persistent efforts to improve program interpretation and mold design technique based on the results from such trial and error, and finally could solve the problems by the aid of cooperative organizations.” Development of integral ROD-A by securing four core element technologies In existing production processes for ROD-A, hole unit and circular unit were produced separately and passed through the welding process before being supplied as a component. However, that process was so wasteful for materials that there was a problem that reduces productivity and durability significantly in the welding process of making separated parts into one integral component. In order to solve this problem, Sindo High Tech developed integral ROD-A for final shape forming using primary product forming and high load press through cold multi-former.

The first core technology is cold extrusion multiforging method and mold design technology. It is possible to design a method that considers forming volume and forming energy for each step and molds for which dimension changes caused by elastic recovery in the molds and the materials are considered. The second core technology is forming interpreting technique based on the finite element method. Based on the finite element method, it is possible to have techniques for breaking prediction and coupled analysis, considering flow stress in materials interpreting the forming and using damage models.

The third core technology is the optimization of forming process parameters and micro-structure control in raw material. Forming features for raw materials can be secured through the optimization of loaddeformation, metal flow characteristics, stress & distortion, and energy distribution, and spheroidized annealing process optimization. The fourth is technology of securing mold durability.

It can lubricate the mold, extend the service life with heat and surface treatment, and minimize damage through stress interpretation. Trial products were manufactured based on such core element technologies, and final improvement could be made through characteristic evaluation. Also, mass- production technique could be secured through standardization, and industrialization could succeed.

CEO Mr. Seo who suggested that competitiveness, high definition, and high-quality is required for current core components in the world’s automobile industry explained that “Especially, demands for weight- reduction and cost-reduction keep on increasing to overcome resources, energy-saving, and environment issues in automobile industry. In accordance with such needs of the times, Sindo High Tech has developed new fabrication processes that allow more cost savings than existing processes and new markets, which result in increase in annual sales.

Because processes that can reduce CO2 generation from production processes are required according to strengthened international environmental regulations, the business is very promising in future.”
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