Convenient, Fashionable LED Lamps to Attract Foreign Buyers [INQ. NO. 1611M07] Over the past 18 years, Dream Networks has specialized in designing, manufacturing and developing lighting fi xtures. Designated as an “INNO-Biz” company by the Small and Medium Business Administration (SMBA), the manufacturer has supplied its products not only to famous domestic companies such as 3M Korea, on an OEM basis, but also to foreign buyers in the USA, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam and others. Due to its strict quality control, it has obtained international certifi cations such as ISO 9001.

Flexing Muscles to Exploit Global Market with Attractive LED Lamps


The maker’s popular export items include LED portable lamps, LED multifunctional lamps, and LED mood lamps.

Incorporating a rechargeable batt ery, the fi rm’s “INDIPower EQ” LED portable lamps can be used for up to eight hours without the supply of power. So, they are ideal for outdoor leisure activities such as hiking and fi shing. Easy to carry, it weighs only 133g and is 105mm long (Its length can be extended to 145mm by adjusting the pole part.). By using USB cable, 201611mm_page_23_03they can be conveniently charged in a car. At home, they can replace general lights in case of a shut-off of electricity, by being easily installed in an existing socket. Made of ABS resin, their body part is highly resistant to fl ame.

When a disaster like an earthquake or fi re accident occurs, they can be used as a fl ashlight.

“e-Sang MU” multifunctional LED lamps from the maker consist of a lamp body, a desk stand, a DC5V 2mA adaptor, an USB cable and a bicycle hanger. Employing rechargeable batt eries, they also can operate up to eight hours without the supply of power. Their USB cable allows the user to charge them in a car. They have three butt ons on the body, thus enabling the user to create 12 kind of modes. For instance, their sensor switch (passive infrared) lets the products generate beeping sound when they detect an object with a distance of 2~3m. By using the mood switch (red-green-blue type), their light color can be gradually changed to eight pastel colors. They can replace ordinary home lights in case of power failure and are suitable for various outdoor activities.

Named as “Apple Flower Fragrance,” the maker’s LED mood lamps are free from heavy metals such as lead and mercury and do not generate heat with a power consumption of only 2W. Consisting of neatly curved apple made of glass and high-grade stainless leaf, they can be used as a mood lights and a defuser simultaneously.

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