Korea’s HVAC Leader to Expand World Market with Unique Boilers and Gas Water Heaters


201611mm_page_50_03In Korea, KITURAMI Co.has been synonymous with home boilers for the past 54 years. By taking over domestically leading makers of air conditioners, cooling towers and refrigerating machines in the mid-2000s, the company has emerged as a substantial powerhouse of the domestic HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air conditioning) industry.

With ISO 9001 international certifi cation, the manufacturer currently supplies a full 201611mm_page_50_10spectrum of HAVC products, including gas boilers, oil boilers, medium-size boilers, solid fuel boilers, water heaters, fan coil units, ventilation systems, burners and pumps. Having actively explored foreign markets, it has obtained a variety of foreign certifi cations such as ETL (North America), TRCU(Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus), CCC (China), TSE (Turkey), CSA (Canada), UL (the US), and CE (the EU).

Cutting-Edge Boilers and Gas Water Heaters to Attract Overseas Popularity

201611mm_page_50_17Among the company’s popular export items are premium-type instantaneous gas water heaters, hot water storage type combi boilers and pellet boilers.

Equipped with special stainless steel heat exchanger for both sensible and latent heat, the maker’s premium type instantaneous gas water heater helps the user to achieve high-effi ciency operation with up to 0.96 energy factor. By employing oval-type smoke tubes, it sharply increases the heat effi ciency. Its special stainless steel smoke tubes provide excellent anticorrosive eff ect, thus supplying clean hot water.

By realizing a 10:1 turndown ratio, it enables the user to control the temperature with the unit of 1°C. It is designed to prevent the generation of 201611mm_page_50_06adverse wind and protect itself from being frozen to burst. Operating silently, it guarantees stable combustion through proportional air controlling.

The maker’s hot water storage type combi boiler is also equipped with a heat exchanger for both sensible and latent heat.

201611mm_page_50_14Incorporating oval type smoke tubes, it off ers increased effi ciency. Using stainless steel (STS316L) for its body, it is free from corrosion and provides superior durability. For the supply of clean hot water, it employs corrosion-resistant special stainless steel smoke tubes.

Compact, the company’s pallet boiler has an automatic smoke tube-cleaning function. By using an 8m-long pleated coil, it provides clean, hot water. Its cast-iron burner provides excellent durability.

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