Manufacturing a Wide Range of Flexible Hoses and Sprinkler Flexible Droppers Since 2005, SY Flex Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing a wide range of fl exible hoses and sprinkler fl exible droppers.

Backed by accumulated technology and experience, SY Flex has exerted itself with all-out eff ort to provide the highest quality and competitive pricing throughout the entire range of products.

The major buyers come from Australia, Austria, Israel and India, to where SY Flex Co., Ltd. exports its fl exible sprinkler hoses. SY Flex Co., Ltd. has various certifi cations such as FM approval and Vds approval for Germany and Europe as well as UL certifi cate as each country requires fi refi ghting certifi cation. Up until now, foreign buyers have shown very satisfactory responses to the qualities and prices of its products.

Sprinkler, Stainless Tube, Corrugated Tube, Industrial Tube, Metal Hose, Tube Assembly and Plumbing Hose

The sprinkler fl exible joint features constructability, reliability, economic value and diversity. First, it is easy to install even in narrow spaces due to its fl exibility; for example in ceiling space with obstacles. It is reliable as it has passed a test of withstanding pressure of up to 56kg/ cm2. Easy installation enables reduction of construction time by more than 60% and labor costs.

201611mm_page_38_09Also, there are various applications and locations for commercial buildings, apartments, etc. There are braided and unbraided types for sprinkler hoses.

Stainless corrugated tube is applicable to water lines, heating pipe lines, LPG & LNG urban gas lines, electrical pipelines food machinery, steam, air, oil pipelines in apartments, offi ces, factories, ships, boiler greenhouses and fi sh farms.

As for corrugated tube one-touch fi tt ings, there are male socket, female socket, union, triple tee, elbow, fi xed elbow and inner tee.201611mm_page_38_03

They feature a onetouch connector, easy connection without special tools, low construction costs and period. They can be used in diverse range of pipelines including water, steam, air, and pipelines.

Industrial fl exible tube is applicable to industrial pipelines used for high pressure, fl exibility and temperature. Metal fl exible hose for gas is applicable to gas 201611mm_page_38_06pipelines, boiler gas lines, fi xed type ovens, stoves, and built-in gas devices. It is safe against vibrations or earthquakes. Lastly, sanitary ware plumbing hose is applied to shower hoses, toilets and various plumbing systems. It is aesthetic and safe against water leakage. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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