Specialization in Boilers and Piping Materials

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry Established in 2008, Kovi-Korea Vista is specialized in boiler and piping materials and conducts general trading with Russia and the CIS area. The company manufactures and sells heating and industrial boilers and piping materials to the domestic largest companies exclusively and concentrates its energy on OEM exporting.

Kovi-Korea Vista is establishing sale corporations and a service network in Russia and various countries in the CIS area through export-oriented global marketing. For customer satisfaction, it runs a diff erentiated local direct service center and a dealer type service center in Russia for total solutions. Kovi-Korea Vista sells not only boilers, but also boiler-related system products, such as boiler parts, gas facility related products, high pressure valves and strainers, welding system torches / cables, stainless corrugated tubes / connectors.

Its headquarters are in Busan and its warehouse & factory are in South Gyeongnam province. Branches and warehouses are in Nobosibirsk and dealer agents are in Ekateninburg, Sakhalin, Khabarovsk, Kamchatka and Kazakhstan.

As import and customs clearances are performed directly in the business offi ce in Vladivostok, it gains a competitive advantage in product unit cost against competitors through cost-saving on import clearance. It delivers its products from the main offi ce in Busan and stores them in the warehouses. It manages the company, factory, warehouses and working personnel through an ERP data processing system.

Oil and Gas Boiler, Fuel Wood Boiler, Pellet Boiler and Gas Boiler

The company’s vertical small & medium sized oil and gas boiler features high effi ciency heat exchanger and extensive hot water capacity. The heat transfer area of the shell is 1.3 times larger than that of the common boiler to provide higher effi ciency. Since the stainless steel hot water coil is located in the upper region of the boiler, heat exchanging capacity of hot water is excellent. Fuel wood boiler has the same features as the oil and gas boilers.

The home pellet boiler is easy to use like common oil boilers as domestic and controller instead of low-cost Chinese controller is equipped. The functions of backfi re protection, low level detection and over-heating protection make the boiler safer. The gas boiler features an automatic combustion control system. The rotating speed of the fan is controlled in accordance with fl ame conditions like yellow or blue colors detected by an infra-red fl ame sensor, so optimal combustion conditions can always be maintained.

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