Top Leader and Pioneer in the Faucet Industry with Creative Development Mentality and Long Experience Established in 1965 as the fi rst producer of faucets in Korea, Dada Corp. has been running as a top leader and pioneer in this business with a creative development approach and long experience. It has already realized an advanced production system a long time ago with automatic process system and perfect quality control system.
It has obtained JIS, ISO, KS, KC certifi cations and an FTA exporter certifi cate. Furthermore, it received the ecofriendly mark for over 200 items by playing an important role in producing eco-friendly faucets.

Currently, it is supplying faucets to major construction companies such as Samsung, Doosan, Daewoo, LH, SH, Lott e, etc., and exporting to China, Japan, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Shower and Lavatory with New Technologies Applied

201611mm_page_42_10New technologies have been applied to Dada’s product range. First, ecofriendly energy- saving faucets are designed to save hot water as well as water itself. When using a single lever mix lever, you turn the lever to the left for hot water, middle for warm water and right for cold water.

However, the hot water saving cartridge narrows the angle so that hot water is released only when the lever is turned to left all the way. Saving water itself is possible as the angle of the lever is stopped at 15 degrees upwards so that only 70% of water is released.
A hot water shut off valve is also available for various models such as DD-330MSC and DD-272MSC. The valve is useful especially during summertime when nobody is using hot water. You can simply shut off hot water by turning the valve off at 90 degrees. Also electronic touch faucet is available for kitchen. It releases water when one’s hand makes contact with the body of the faucet.

Another new technology involves air bubbles for the shower head. This air bubble shower head can save water with air suction. The water strength stays the same while saving water by approximately 25%-40%. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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